Things To Check When Buying Kerala Bed Cover

Posted by Admin on November, 18, 2019

Bed covers are an essential component that every household requires. It can be rather described as a matter which portrays a certain level of aesthetic appeal. Thus, when people buy bed covers and bed sheets, they ensure that it matches to their room d├ęcor and their personal moods and taste preferences. No wonder, the bed sheets you choose to speak a lot about your personality. A bed covers help in keeping the bed sheet free from dust and also provides a style statement to your bedroom.
Thus, why, while selecting Kerala bed covers, you need to ensure that you choose for a good quality bed cover that would fit into your requirements.

Size of the bed cover
This is the first and most important point which you need to look into while checking out the range of bed covers available. Usually, there are four different sizes of bed sheets available in the market, namely, single, double, queen, and king sized. You need to measure the thickness of the mattress and add two inches to the actual measurement of all sides. It is because your bed cover needs to large enough do that you can tuck in the extra fabric to keep your bed looks proper. Well, in case you are investing in a cotton bed cover, it is recommended to buy a bigger one because cotton is very likely to shrink over time.

The fabric of bed cover
The next point on which you need to stress is the fabric of the bed cover. A wide range of bed covers are offered by Kerala bed covers manufacturers, which include products made out of pure cotton to poly-cotton or the blends. For tropical climate, the cotton bed covers are a better choice as they are comfortable. Although a little expensive, the bed covers and sheets made out of cotton use top-notch quality raw material, which is both non-allergenic and is comfortable to relax on.

The base design of bed cover
The bed covers are usually available under three basic classification. They are printed and solid colour covers. You can get the right kind of bed cover by considering the colour theme of your room, the taste and preference you have. The design of the furniture and the colour of the walls also play a remarkable role. Where printed design covers fill in the element of jazz, solid design add up elegance to space.

The type of weaving and the thread count
The thread count relates to the quantity of the threads which are woven together to form one square inch. Coming to the type of weaving, the bed covers usually have a standard weave, satin weave, twill weave, and even jacquard and damask weave.

Checking all these elements would help you to choose the ideal bed cover for your room. Well, if you are a beginner in this field, this article is up with a certain key on which you need to focus while buying a bed cover for your room.

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